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Most of my writing is about Clojure, ClojureScript & Data Science. But expect to see some ruminations soon around political theory, participatory democracy and civic technology as well. Thanks for reading!


March 17 - Oz Updates - Honing in on API updates

Currently deep in hammock time thinking through some big chances to the API, and handling a wonderful flurry of PR from the community, for which I'm enternally grateful! And with a number of pull requests having made it in the last few weeks, please expect a release soon which captures all of this great work.

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March 3 - Oz Updates - More flexible output & styling

This month has been a bit challenging time wise. Still, I've managed to improve on Oz's static HTML output flexibility and styling. The good news is that I've been able to secure a bigger chunk of dedicated time to work on the project this month, and am optimistic that I'll be able to get a lot accomplished in the coming weeks!

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February 7 - Oz Updates - Finishing Oz release & working on Vega-Leaftlet

Now that I have Cljsjs releases under way for Vega, I look forward to being able mint a new release of Oz. However, I still have to wait for the releases to come out the other side. So until then, I'm going to take advantage of the fact that the Cljsjs build process is fresh in my head, and look at extending it towards some of the other projects I'd like Oz to be able to integrate with:

January 17 - Oz Updates - Finishing up release of update Vega libraries with Cljsjs

Just finished finalizing and publishing my 1st update post. Now time to sort out the build process :-)

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January 16 - Oz Updates - Misadventures with Cljsjs

My first funded task for Oz has been to mint new cljsjs releases of the various Vega libraries. The latest Vega-Lite release (4.0.x) in particular comes with quite an impressive set of new features! These include several useful transforms (density plots, regression, loess and quantiles), responsive width/height, image marks, and interactive legends (to name just a few)!

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January 1 - Oz gets funded by Clojurists Together!

I am incredibly excited to announce that Oz is receiving funding from Clojurists together to help take data visualization and scientific document support for Clojure to the next level!

Before I go on, many thanks to everyone who contributed to Clojurists Together, and who voiced support for projects in the data science space. Clojure has such amazing potential as a language for data science, and it's exciting to see two other projects in this space receive funding this quarter (Congrats to Dragan Djurick's Deep Diamond and Chris Nuernberger's Libpython-clj!) Again, thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!

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May 30 - Oz static site generation

For the last year or so, I've working on Oz. What initially started as a humble fork of Vizard, a Vega-Lite based data visualization wrapper for Clojure, has turned into an increasingly powerful toolkit for working with scientific documents in a number of contexts.

The latest release, [metasoarous/oz "1.6.0-alpha3-SNAPSHOT"], comes with one of the most exciting features yet: Static site generation, complete with live code reloading!

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