It's been a while since I've posted anything here, but I hope to be able to soon now that I have this site set up with more appropriate tools. When I do write, it's frequently about my experience working with Clojure. However, there remain some interesting posts about other data science tooling you may find useful.


30 May 2019 - Oz static site generation

For the last year or so, I've working on Oz. What initially started as a humble fork of Vizard, a Vega-Lite based data visualization wrapper for Clojure, has turned into an increasingly powerful toolkit for working with scientific documents in a number of contexts.

The latest release, [metasoarous/oz "1.6.0-alpha3-SNAPSHOT"], comes with one of the most exciting features yet: Static site generation, complete with live code reloading!

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Raising kids and startups is a lot of work, ok?


22 August 2015 - First Intro Bioinformatics course

A few weeks ago I finished teaching the first Intro to Bioinformatics course at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center as part of Erick Matsen's fredhutch.io program. This ambitious seven week class sought to teach biologists the basics of computational analyses of biological data. So far, feedback has been great, and the waiting list for future courses is around 140 long!

Here I'd like to share some of the challenges and strategy that came up in putting this course together.

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30 June 2015 - Setting up BeagleBone Black for development (Clojure in particular)

I just got another BeagleBone Black (BBB) to tinker with as I finish up my pin-ctrl library and wanted to record the steps so it's easier for me and others in the future.

In particular, I show here how to set up a non root user with access to the board's pins. This is useful no matter what programming language you care to use on the BBB. (Deving as root is bad, m-kay?)

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01 June 2015 - A Strange Coop: How Clojure saved my Chickens from the Evil Raccoons

A couple of weeks ago now, I was honored to speak at ClojureWest about a fun project I've been working on. The video is here for those inclined: (embedded video) The following post is for those interested in a textual account (with some additional details).

Last summer I began building an automatic chicken coop door for my chickens.

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08 May 2015 - Presenting semantic-csv: High-level CSV processing for Clojure

I'm happy to announce the release of semantic-csv, a humble little CSV library for higher level CSV parsing features.

The semantic niche Existing CSV parsing libraries for Clojure (clojure/data.csv and clojure-csv) only concern themselves with the grammar of CSV. Given a string or file with CSV data, they produce a collection of row vectors, a minimal data representation of the structure of CSV.

However, CSV data typically means something.

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