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Hi. My name is Christopher Small. I am a data scientist and full stack software engineer with a background & interest in:

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As a consultant, I use my skills to help companies get the most out their data. Please shoot me an email at chris@thoughtnode.com or visit thoughtnode.com if you'd like to inquire about my services.

Computational Biology

I spent several years working at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center with Erick Matsen. Most of my work was focused on viral epidemiology and the interaction between the immune system and viral evolution/adaptation. During my time there I researched and co-authored several papers, both on the development of new methods and the application thereof towards biological questions. I also spent some time building open-source software for processing and analyzing this data, including CFT and Olmsted.

Participatory Democracy

I have come to develop a profound faith in democracy. It's messy and imperfect, but is founded on the idea that we all deserve equal rights, and is an attempt of solving the problem of how the way we make decisions as a society should reflect and empower that. Unfortunately, Party Politics and changes in pace of technology has corrupted our system of representative democracy to the point of dysfunction. It has ceased to be an expression of the combined will of the people.

I believe in a vision of democracy which seeks to transcend and complement representative democracy, putting decision making back in the hands of everyday people, in a way that respects their time, knowledge and perspective. Participatory Democracy is based on ideas and governmental structures from thousands of years ago in Athens, considered the birthplace of democracy. However, while ancient thinkers from their world believed you could never scale this kind of democracy up beyond the scale of the Polis (ancient Greek city-state), new technology and ways of thinking about self-governance are beginning to bring these ideas into the 21st century, at a time when we are in desperate need of it.

For more of my work and ideas on this, please see the upcoming blog post.


I have a wife and son who keep me pretty busy when I'm not working. I love rock climbing, free diving, When I can I love to make music (piano, guitar, bass and beat-box), and from time to time dabble in the visual arts (painting, digital). One day maybe I'll share some of that day. I'm also big into rock climbing, though never seem to be able to make enough time for it.

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You can also typically find me elsewhere on the internet using the name metasoarous.

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